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How to Connect a Wireless Microphone

  In the past, the object of the microphone was only a singer. This part of the crowd who is in charge of the microphone will pay attention. Nowadays, many microphones are also used by those who work in the anchor industry. Therefore, many brand microphones are also more common people.

  In the microphone, the so-called "moving coil" refers to the wire coil is closely connected with the diaphragm, according to changes in sound pressure, continuous movement in the magnetic field generated in proportion to the amplitude of the sound wave current, so that the acoustic signal into electric signal.

  Since dynamic microphone can generate electric current by coil cutting magnetic field, dynamic microphones do not need to be powered, which is the biggest advantage of such microphones.

  The disadvantage of moving-coil microphones is that the diaphragm responds slowly to rapidly changing sound waves due to the influence of the wire coil.


  Dynamic microphone are often used to record the sound of electric guitar speakers and vocal recordings, which seems to have become a "tradition."

  Although many condenser microphone are designed to record live vocals, the unit price of condenser microphones tends to be high, and everyone prefers to use dynamic microphones for their work.

  The design of the Condenser microphone is based on the principle of electrostatics. The diaphragm of the microphone and the backplane form a complete capacitor unit. The vibration of the diaphragm with the sound wave causes the potential difference between the microphone and the backplane to change, so that the acoustic signal is converted For the electrical signal.

  In general, capacitive microphones have built-in amplifiers due to the weak output of the capacitor unit, and require an external 48V phantom power supply or battery to power the unit.


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