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What does a shotgun microphone do ?

  There has always been a saying that the short gun Mike is not suitable for use in indoor recording. So I recently started to study this issue, trying to find the exact answer, to do some testing, see below:

  Shotgun microphone: The purpose of using these devices is to enhance the ability to pick up axially while attenuating side-annoying noise. In other words, let the microphone play its directivity as much as possible, in order to avoid unwanted noise and ambient sounds.

  To do this, the system must block signals in unwanted directions and postpone the input of these signals. So its operating principle is based on the phase offset effect. First of all, the system has series interference tubes of different sizes, allowing the signals in the axial direction to arrive at the same time, and forcing the signal in the non-axial direction to reach the delay time. He has many inventions, but also joined the current gun-type Mike R & D team.

  BY-VM600 Shotgun Microphone

  The BOYA BY-VM600 is a new designed directional shotgun microphone which can maximizes the sound quality.

  In the original design, in order to maintain good directivity, it is necessary to add more interference tubes to make the microphone powerful enough to cope with the work. The volume is very large and very inconvenient. Later, in order to solve this problem, the design changed to a multi-slot interference tube to replace the old-fashioned interference tube. These slots allow the sound beyond the axial reach to the diaphragm, so when it comes into contact with the sound source, the noise is greatly attenuated.


  On the other hand, the longer the microphone can be designed to make the pickup angle more narrow, so the more directivity of the microphone, more importantly, the correct axial arrangement. If we do not understand the axial.

  In an echoed space there will be diffuse, especially early reflections, the color of the signal part. Ideally, the microphone depends on the angle of the transform, if the sound is a correlated signal or just a noise. When both the signal and the noise are reflected on the nearby surface, it is an "unnatural" angle for them to enter the microphone (if we consider the sound track in the natural direction). 

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