UHF wireless microphone,lavalier microphone

What does LAVALIER MICROPHONE stand for?

  Although the gun shot in the scene sound reduction performance is great, but it often also included in the dialogue other than the noise, which is only a clean dialogue for you is undoubtedly a headache. With that in mind, a good solution is to mix it with the Lollies.

  Lavalier Microphone

  Lavalier Microphone is designed to capture the dialogue character selection, is divided into two kinds of wired lacquer wheat and wireless Lavalier Microphone, because the particularity of the shooting and mostly wireless. Wired lapel microphone is mainly suitable for speech, stage performances and television, radio and other applications do not need shooting and machine movement occasions, and wireless lavalier microphone applicable to large mobile conference, simultaneous recording, film and television production, public dissemination, Outdoor lectures, lectures and other occasions. Lace clip has the characteristics of small size, light weight, can easily be hidden under the shirt collar or jacket.


  Use the microphone as close as possible to the mouth, to avoid distance problems caused by noise adjustment. Comprehensive consideration of performance, price and other factors, Rode Link wireless package is a good choice. Of course, if you have a good budget, then DPA's lasagna is the best bet, and it should not be disputed.

  Camera head wheat

  This is a specially designed for SLR camera video capture microphone, belonging to the special type of gun. This microphone can be connected to the camera through the built-in 3.5mm connector cable, which makes it easy to synchronize the picked-up sound directly with the picture.


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