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Dynamic vs Condenser Microphones, What's the Difference?

  The heartbeat and supercardioid microphone have a lot of low frequencies when they are very close to the sound source, which is the Proximity Effect, which causes the microphone to be placed at a distance of inches from the sound source (such as a guitar amp or snare drum) Placed at one foot (30.48 cm) places more low frequencies.

  Proximity effects can sometimes be helpful to increase the saturation of the sound source but may also cause an imbalance in the frequency response.

  1, omnipotent microphones have no proximity effect, proximity effect is non-omni-directional microphone only.

  2, the closer the distance to the sound source, the more the low frequency.

  3, which will make the sound more full, but may also lead to uneven frequency.

  4. If there is a problem, move the microphone back to the position where you want to achieve the desired frequency response.


  BY-VM190P Super-Cardioid Microphone

  The BOYA BY-VM190P has a super-cardioid pickup pattern to capture audio from the front, while minimizing pickup from the sides and rear. It’s compact and lightweight design with a rugged construction that's ideal for use with HDSLR cameras, camcorders, and audio recorders.

  The most common microphone parameter control:

  1, roll off the filter;

  Because microphones sometimes record low-frequency sounds (such as truck or mechanical noise) into your recording, the roll-off filter eliminates this problem in frequency. The filter's cut-off frequency is set at 40 to 100 Hz and typically 60 Hz. (AKG C414 microphone frequency selection point is 75Hz and 150Hz)

  2, low cut

  A lot of Condenser microphone output level than the moving coil and aluminum microphone are large, if you record a very large sound source (such as the snare drum), the output may be caused by excessive overload. A -10dB or -20dB attenuation can reduce the output to prevent overload.

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