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Difference Between Condenser and Dynamic Microphone

  Many performers, accustomed to the use of hand-held microphone network head is seriously undermined the sound quality and directivity of the microphone the most bad posture, use the microphone in such a posture, even the most expensive microphone, will make the original Excellent results, thus losing the tone! Hold the net head with the palm of your hand the result is equal to isolate the acoustic head around the sound chamber and generate the resonance frequency of the palm and the sound head chamber, resulting in the front of the microphone frequency response and directivity is serious Deterioration, but also because of the palm of the poly effect can easily lead to feedback sound.

  BY-VM600 Shotgun Microphone

  The BOYA BY-VM600 is a new designed directional shotgun microphone which can maximizes the sound quality.


  It is not easy to choose a suitable microphone, especially if you do not know the difference between omnidirectional microphones and supercardioid microphones, that is, the various microphone pickup patterns.

  Microphone pickup mode refers to the microphone relative to the sound from different directions or angles of sensitivity, simply, that is, the microphone "to listen to the same direction of the voice of the ability.

  Heart-shaped microphone pickup range is broader, but its front-end sensitivity than the back-end sensitivity. This helps to isolate excess ambient noise and eliminates the effects of echoes over omni-directional microphones.

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