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The Top 10 Best Condenser Microphone in the World

  Perhaps everyone will encounter such a problem, that is how to choose the most suitable microphone? In the choice of microphone, it is necessary to make it clear that it can do what you want it to do. This means you have to figure out where the microphone is designed to work. No microphone can meet all the applications. Different pickup points, the maximum sound pressure level affordability, background noise are all factors that need to be considered in the selection process. Each microphone has its own main applications, sometimes in the relevant applications are selected.

  The main difference between these two environments is not the sound source, but the surrounding environment.

BY-VM01 Condenser Mini Microphone
The BOYA BY-VM01 mini Microphone is designed for recording audio while making videos, along with this mic your camera can create higher-quality audio. It designed for use with a digital SLR cameras and camcorder with a 3.5 mm (diameter) stereo mini-pin jack, and fits into compatible camera shoes, and connects to the camera via the 3.5mm mini-plug.


  Common microphone according to the different working principle can be divided into: (dynamic Microphone), (Condenser Microphone) and (Ribbon Microphone).

  Non-professional occasions to see is the most dynamic microphone, and you go to KTV singing is basically a dynamic microphone.

  The principle of dynamic microphone: The diaphragm in the microphone head drives the coil to vibrate and cut the magnetic line to generate electrical signal, which is transmitted to the next device through the microphone line.

  The advantages of dynamic microphone: the structure is simple, durable, lower prices, the use of the environment is not demanding.

  However, the sensitivity is not high enough compared to condenser microphone (a disadvantage but also an advantage, as we will see below), lack of high frequency response, and lack of detail in the tone.

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