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What is the best lapel wireless microphone

  First, the antenna determines the actual receiving distance and quality of the receiver

  The wireless transmission distance is mainly determined by the power of the transmitter and the sensitivity of the receiver. Directly increasing the transmit power or receiving sensitivity can increase the use distance and the signal quality. However, the specifications of both devices can not be arbitrarily changed after being shipped from the factory. 

  Second, the antenna characteristics of the specifications

  In the wireless microphone system, the wireless signal of the microphone is transmitted from the transmitting antenna to the air, while the receiving antenna collects the signal into the air receiver over the air. From this, it can be seen that the antenna is a window for transmitting and receiving wireless signals. In terms of transmission distance and signal stability The function of the antenna is very important. The design of the detachable antenna input device allows the user to select different types of antennas for installation in order to achieve the best reception effect according to the requirements of the actual use of the type and characteristics of the antenna.

  Now the main characteristics of the antenna specifications are described below:


  BY-WM4 Wireless Microphone

  The BOYA BY-WM4 is a 2.4 GHz wireless microphone system, specially designed for iPhone, Ipad and most of Android devices, tablet, but also can work with DSLR camera, Camcorder, PC etc.

  1. Frequency of use (Frequency)

  Select the device installed in the wireless microphone receiver antenna, the first need to pay attention to the frequency of use of the antenna, this specification is usually marked as the use of frequency range, the so-called "bandwidth", select the antenna, pay attention to the receiver's carrier frequency must be antenna Within the indicated bandwidth, the radio signal received by the antenna is effectively transmitted to the receiver. The length of a typical antenna is inversely proportional to the frequency of use, so antennas suitable for VHF systems are significantly longer than UHF systems.


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