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How to buy wireless microphone transmitter battery

  Wireless microphone need to pay attention before using the problem

  The operator should carefully check the wireless microphone before the performance, connect the system correctly, and set up the antenna reasonably to ensure that the microphone is in normal working state. Pay attention to the following points. So as to avoid wireless microphone noiseless phenomenon during the performance.

  (1) Check the battery box is in good contact, the battery is energized.

  (2) Turn on the receiver, turn on the receiver, check the RF header to make sure that this channel has no RF interference and then launch the transmitter.

  (3) Check the microphone mute switch, to ensure that the wireless transmitter and microphone is always in working condition.

  (4) The pouch launcher antenna hanging down on the belt, to avoid sagging due to the gravity effect, affecting the launch effect. Do not allow the pouch launcher to be in direct contact with human skin because the performer is prone to sweating and affects the normal operation of the electronic device.

  (5) In order to avoid carrier frequency deviation, please do not touch the belt transmitter directly with metal objects, such as keys, belt buckles and so on.

  (6) Do not stack the receivers together to avoid mutual interference between the receivers.

  BY-WXLR8 UHF Wireless XLR Transmitter

  The BY-WXLR8 Plug-On XLR Transmitter for BOYA BY-WM6 and BY-WM8 UHF Wireless Microphone System. Allows you to connect any XLR microphone and the BY-WM6 and BY-WM8 wireless receiver. 


  How to buy wireless microphone transmitter battery

  In order to ensure the normal use of the system does not appear to signal distortion and frequency interference, must be able to use adequate battery, the optional conditions when the best choice alkaline 9V battery.

  How to know as soon as possible whether the transmitter battery energy sufficient

  In a variety of brands and models of wireless microphone system, the vast majority of receivers do not have the transmitter battery energy display. Although some wireless transmitters have battery low voltage, but users generally rarely pay attention to this issue. In the normal use of wireless microphone, showing the lack of a battery caused by audio distortion or frequency interference is a time of seizure. In order to avoid the outbreak of this phenomenon, the operator in the normal use of wireless microphone, the timely use of the mixer PFL pre-listening function, using headphones to monitor the wireless microphone signal, if the sound clarity is slightly reduced or the noise slightly increased , You should immediately change the battery, so as to prevent as possible due to lack of battery power to the operator of the psychological pressure.

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