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What is the Best Microphone for Recording Voice Over?

  With the "China Good Sound", "I am the singer", "China's strongest voice" and other draft competitions singing the program swept the country, whether it is imitation or beyond, draft competitions and network K song off the heat waves so we can not wait to show yourself a Network K song products are the three major pieces of equipment: microphone, K song card, monitor headphones, and so on. Microphone as an indispensable device K network songs, choose a good microphone for you to make your voice out of color. Really, you are missing is not a good voice, you just missing a good K song card and a good microphone!

  Condenser microphone

  It has many advantages: non-directional; distortion is small, responsive; sound frequency curve is smooth and stable, better characteristics; sound softer, better than dynamic microphone and other recording microphone. But Condenser microphone also has its insurmountable defects, such as short life, fragile diaphragm, difficult to record in a noisy environment, the source of the higher requirements. When using the Condenser microphone, often equipped with a number of ancillary equipment, such as windshield, anti-vibration frame, microphone holder, cover and so on.

  Choose professional large diaphragm and medium diaphragm condenser microphone. However, the premise is that your room decoration must meet some of the recording acoustics requirements, such as can not have background noise, can not have obvious echo and so on. If the above conditions are not met, please give up the choice of  condenser microphone.

  BY-PVM50 Condenser Microphone

  The BOYA BY-PVM50 is a stereo X/Y condenser microphone with compact body and lightweight for easy use, which specially designed for DSLR cameras, Camcorders, Audio recorders etc.


  If you are recording voice

  Select the dubbing gun-type small diaphragm condenser microphone, they are generally super-oriented, can easily record your voice and not easy to record the background noise. However, the effect of recording the song is slightly inferior to that of the above-mentioned large condenser microphone. The so-called inferior here is the special beautification characteristic of the sound without a large condenser microphone microphone, but the microphones Is one of them) needs to keep as much realism and intimacy as possible in the vocal-specific frequency bands, so they are better suited for recording as voiceover. Of course, although this microphone can avoid noise, but must always pay attention to the room can not echo, echo is still the killer of this microphone.

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