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Why You Should Use a Condenser Microphone

  Two main options: Dynamic microphone Condenser microphone

  Condenser microphone Sound quality and sensitivity are basically better than dynamic microphone, condenser microphone can record more overtones elements and more details, so professional recording studio condenser microphone recording. However, if your environment is not good, such as the environment is noisy, room echo, the use of Condenser microphone will be the opposite effect, it is easy to record the noise and echo, which is a terrible thing. So, if the environment is not good, dynamic microphones instead of Condenser microphone more appropriate, and even headphone electret more appropriate. In addition, dynamic microphone near effect characteristics are relatively obvious, this may be an advantage in some areas, such as "very close feeling." Some people's voices, but with dynamic microphone recording more Naiting, perhaps the dynamic performance of the microphone has a more unique characteristics.

  (1) If you are singing, in order to get the professional quality of the recording effect, of course, you can choose a professional large diaphragm and medium diaphragm condenser microphone. However, the premise is that your room decoration must meet some of the recording acoustics requirements, such as can not have background noise, can not have obvious echo and so on. If the above conditions are not met, please give up the choice of  Condenser microphone. If you can not meet the conditions of the room, you have to choose Condenser microphone, then prepare a renovated room to dig your money.

  BY-V01 Condenser Microphone

  The BOYA BY-V01 is a stereo X/Y condenser microphone, this microphone provides greater control of your audio than the internal mics on DSLR camera, video cameras, or digital recorders. A switch for 90° or 120° pickup patterns allows you to adjust the directivity of the microphone.


  (2) If you are recording voice (radio, dubbing, podcasting ...), if the conditions can choose dubbing gun type small diaphragm condenser microphone, they are generally super-oriented, can easily record your voice and not easily recorded Under the background noise. However, the effect of recording the song is slightly inferior to that of the above-mentioned large condenser microphone. The so-called inferior here is the special beautification characteristic of the sound without a large condenser microphone microphone, but the microphones Is one of them) needs to keep as much realism and intimacy as possible in the vocal-specific frequency bands, so they are better suited for recording as voiceover. Of course, although this microphone can avoid noise, but must always pay attention to the room can not echo, echo is still the killer of this microphone.

  (3) I suggest you choose a dynamic microphone if the condition of the room can not reach the acoustic environment in the front and the condition of the room is improved at the same time. Dynamic microphone sensitivity to environmental noise and echo is much lower than the Condenser microphone. Normally, I recommend that home users choose dynamic microphones for recording, after all, not all families can easily achieve the appropriate recording acoustics. Dynamic microphone with good sound quality is not bad at all.

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