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Best BOYA Condenser Microphone?

  The use of recording  microphone placement side, we can say, knowing these basic operations, we can record. However, let's put the software first, then learn some basic knowledge. Because as a sound engineer, what you need to master is not just software, but a lot of other things in the shed. For example, we do not know how to put the microphone, then it is impossible to talk about how to deal with the sound after entering the computer. Because we know that the microphone is the first step in the sound into electricity. 

  Microphone is what we often say the microphone, transliterated as "microphone", also known as microphone. It is the basic device for picking up a sound signal during recording and converting the sound signal into an electrical signal. It can be said that it is the most important recording device. Because no matter what your sound card, the computer has more advanced, if the microphone is not good, then everything is in vain, just like the camera lens, the camera pixel high, the latter part of the digital processing even worse, if the camera does not work, according to the incoming things themselves It is vague, so it is unpleasant. 

BY-LM20 Omni Directional Condenser Microphone
The BOYA BY-LM20 is a lavalier microphone with Omini directional polar pattern. With USB adapter included, It is special designed for GoPro HERO4,3+,3,DSLR Cameras


  Divided according to the way to transform, the microphone can be divided into electric (including moving coil and band), capacitive (including electret type), electromagnetic, piezoelectric and so on. Of course, there are other ways to divide, for example, according to diaphragm force, pointing, wired and wireless to divide. In fact, these are not important. We used to record the microphone is generally dynamic and capacitive two.

  Dynamic microphone is the most common microphone. Kara OK practice song room is placed it. Haha. Its structure is very simple, the microphone is equipped with a magnet, with a coil under the diaphragm, when the diaphragm vibration, the coil in the magnetic field movement, due to electromagnetic induction, it produces an electrical signal. It can be said dynamic microphone is the most widely used microphone, mostly handheld, so mostly used in the show. Of course, recording is also often used.


  Condenser microphone High sensitivity, full frequency response, is the main studio to use a microphone. According to the diaphragm size and subdivided into large diaphragm and small diaphragm. Points are divided into heart-shaped, bizarre and omni-directional. Condenser microphone heart-shaped condenser microphone, usually used to pick up human voice.

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