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More Reasons to Use a Condenser Microphone

  Capacitive microphone use polyfluorethylene oxide membrane, the humidity performance is good, the surface charge generated by humidity less affected. Because of this microphone is also a capacitive structure, the signal resistance is very large, in order to lead the sound signal generated and amplified, the output must also use the field-effect transistor.

  Condenser microphone:

  1, the sound can be converted directly into the principle of electrical signals:

  Capacitive microphone is the use of capacitance between the conductor charge and discharge principle to ultra-thin metal or gold-plated plastic film as a diaphragm sensing sound pressure to change the electrostatic voltage between conductors directly converted into electrical energy signals obtained through the electronic circuit coupling practical Output impedance and sensitivity design.

The BOYA BY-PVM50 is a stereo X/Y condenser microphone with compact body and lightweight for easy use, which specially designed for DSLR cameras, Camcorders, Audio recorders etc.


  2, to show the "original sound reproduction" features:

  Sound experts in pursuit of "original sound reproduction" for the higher level of sound! Microphone from the basic design principles analysis, not difficult to find condenser microphone not only rely on sophisticated manufacturing technology, but also with complex electronic circuits, the sound can be converted directly Into the electrical signal, inherently has a very superior characteristics, it has become the pursuit of "original sound reproduction" who better choice.

  3, with a very wide frequency response:

  Vibration membrane is the main component of the microphone to sense the sound and convert it to electrical energy signal. Diaphragm material and mechanical design, is to determine the microphone sound quality characteristics. Since the diaphragm of a condenser microphone can be made of a very thin material and the sensed sound pressure is directly converted into an audio signal, the frequency response bass can be extended to ultra-low frequencies below 10 Hz and the treble can easily reach tens of KHz Ultrasound, showing a very wide frequency response!

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