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What is a condenser microphone used for

  There are many translations of microphones: microphones, or microphones, or microphones. This article is generally referred to as a microphone.

  A microphone is a transducer that changes information from one form to another. The sound message was originally a change in air pressure, which was converted by the microphone into a change in current. Recording engineers are particularly concerned about the accuracy of conversion, which is commonly referred to as fidelity.

  There are a variety of mechanical techniques used to make microphones, the result of the elimination of the most common now is the dynamic microphone and condenser microphone.

  Dynamic microphone

  Dynamic microphone with a very thin metal diaphragm with a coil, the coil in a magnetic field. When the sound waves promote the diaphragm, the coil moves in the magnetic field, cutting the magnetic field lines and generating a current. The size of the current depends on the speed of the coil movement, so dynamic microphones are speed sensitive. Dynamic microphone easy to use, connected to the device can be used, no power supply. We usually use karaoke K K dynamic microphone.

  BY-VM01 Condenser Mini Microphone

  The BOYA BY-VM01 mini Microphone is designed for recording audio while making videos, along with this mic your camera can create higher-quality audio.


  Condenser microphone

  The structure of the condenser microphone is very simple, gold-plated polyester film from the base very close, but just do not touch. A battery to both power, forming an electric field. The strength of the electric field depends on the size of the two, distance and battery voltage. Sound waves promote the diaphragm, the diaphragm and the distance between the base constantly changing, the electric field is also changing, the circuit to produce current. This current is very weak and must be immediately amplified.

  Capacitive microphone need to form the voltage of the electric field and the power supply of the amplifier (if the tube is used, the filament needs to be powered) so that the condenser microphone needs to be used with phantom power.

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