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What is the best handheld wireless microphone

  The choice of professional audio equipment not only to choose the right microphone for your place, but also pay attention to the use of maintenance work, especially the correct use of wireless microphone not only to ensure its working hours, but also make it play an important Features, if improper use of methods, even the expensive microphones also did not play its due role, the serious situation may cause damage. In order to avoid the use of wireless microphone improper use of microphone and the performance of its features, the following we will look at the correct use of wireless microphone method.

  1, two wireless microphone can not hold together: This is because in the professional audio engineering if the handheld wireless microphone is two launchers, in which case it will have a harmonic pool dew, so when two wireless microphone by Close, the harmonics between them easily modulated with each other, resulting in interference, seriously affecting the quality of transmitting and receiving.

  2, wireless microphone can not be directly used for speakers: This is because the wireless microphone microphone directly faces the speaker, in this case, the sound reinforcement system will form a closed loop, which will have positive feedback oscillation (howling), so It must be avoided that the microphone is facing the speaker.

  BY-WM8 Dual Channel UHF Wireless Microphone System

  The BOYA BY-WM8 Dual-Channel UHF wireless system is a portable, camera-mountable wireless system for capturing audio with dual subjects. It can be used in several environments for video, field recording, interview, broadcast TV, and ENG applications.


  3, the use of wireless microphone hands do not hold on the microphone's network head: in professional audio engineering, whether it is wireless microphone, or wired microphone, the receiving part usually have a certain point, this time if the hand holding the net cover Part, it will undermine the frequency response, but also due to the gathering effect of the palm, resulting in focus, feedback and so on.

  4, the antenna launch site is part of the power emission can not be placed on the hands: In general, hand-held microphone, the transmitter circuit and the antenna is usually located in the lower part of the microphone (away from the end of the microphone), but when we hold , This time will greatly reduce the transmit power, a direct impact on the reception.

  5, wireless microphone Do not use the process too close to the mouth: under normal circumstances, the distance between the microphone and the mouth of the professional audio engineering usually to maintain the distance of 5-10 cm is the best, if the distance is too close, it will produce near talk Effect, but if the distance is too far, it is easy to appear very light, undermining the sound quality of the situation.

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